Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Ya Ya Sisters Club


Colleen said...

just wanted to drop in and say thanks for visiting my blog. I have adored your work for some time now and it was a treat for you to visit.


Wendy Wintersgill said...

Wendy thanks for sharing the fair,it looks like you and your family had alot of fun.Your girls are beautiful they look alot like you,I have 2 daughters too!!!!and they are wonderful young women I just love them,they are a blessing to have.Thanks again for letting my barkerbears on your links I am grateful,and I absolutley love your pugs,your my favorite bear artist!!!!Did you get a chance to look at the moonbears at bearhugs wendy saskatoon canada

vivian said...

oh yes!!! Aint that the truth!!

Lana said...

How funny Wendy!

And the TEA webshow looks awesome! Thanks for all your hard work!