Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Great New York State Fair -- 2008!

It's always a tradition each year, to go to the the Great New York State Fair.....since we only live 30 minutes from Syracuse where it is held.

The girls probably went 4 times, while I go once. Plus I'm not much of a ride & midway person with all the obnoxious game workers......I enjoy going through all the buildings, seeing the animals, shows & music, eating the "unhealthy" foods and even having a few wine slushies.

It runs the last 2 weeks in August, which pretty much means the summer is over and school is just around the corner. I thought I would share some of the things we saw and did..... My beautiful daughters squatting in front of some black eyed susans in the horticulture building courtyard....yes, they were really not happy about me ordering them over there to take a picture...."MOM! How embarssing! QUick take the picture!"..they whined!

In the Dairy building the Rainbow Milk Bar is a MUST! Large glasses of milk for only a quarter....and it's healthy!

And the Butter sculpture....this year's theme...the cow jumped over the moon
In the Bunny Rabbit building....these are the cutest bunnies we saw :)

There was a really cool haunted house this year....with a moveable alien monster and people all dressed up bloody and ugly ....FUN! This little scary man chased my daughter around the THAT was funny :)

Inside the Art & Home building there were special displays just dedicated to the Circus but all made in miniature model ... that was really cool, you know me and circus theme!!

Inside the Center of Progress building, me and the girls found this really wonderful booth that was custom fitted toe rings....yes, all three of us got a toe ring and we love them, in fact, 1 daughter went back to get another! Here is the link to their website in case you want to get one.. You can tell them that the Mom from the NYS fair that was taking all sorts of pictures of her daughters getting their first toe ring....sent you...haha she will know who we are! These gals were so darn nice and super friendly too! I met a customer who has had her toe ring on for 25 years...WOW! And, no they don't hurt and won't come off.

Had to see the awesome Sand Sculpture in the Horticulture Building. They work on it all during the was still not completed when we were there.The girls trying on cowboy hats....

A bird wildlife display....way cool these barn owls and bald eagle! And they are REAL!

There was a monkey jockey-dog derby this year... I wasn't too happy about this. The concept is fun but I felt kinda sick seeing the monkey's arms chained to the dog harness. The monkeys were screaming and pulling on the chains....NOT COOL...NOT FUNNY! But the crowds of people were loving it and thought the monkeys were "performing"....I saw something else :(
Can't forget about the Master of The Chainsaw guy! There was a sea lion show adorable!
Sheep shearing.....
Saw an awesome show with Ted girls had no clue who he was ...ha! But thought he was pretty cool because at the end of his show he shot an arrow through his guitar....see the picture below....the white guitar hanging on the speaker...him pulling back on the bow...

The Midway and Rides.......

And of course, The Footsie Wootsie..... a must after a long day walking at the fair.....

More beautiful toes!
And there you have it....I tried to get the sign in the picture....The Great New York State Fair....


Nancy said...

Hi Wendy...looks like you had a great time at the fair. Your girls are beautiful. Love the toe ring.

I love the old graphics from the circus...only see them in reproduction now. So sad to see the little monkey like that...hope they get the message soon.

Have a great day!
Hugs, Nancy

Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

Looks like so much fun, Wendy! Love the butter sculpture. And your girls are adorable, right down to their toe rings!


Sam I Am said...

awwww..what great shots!!!! your girls are best keep them locked in the house til they're at least 30!!! hehehehe
i soooo miss the nys fair :( my mother in law went tho..and came home with a tattoo around her ankle!!!

(turned out to be a stencil lol)

Hubby is in NY right now for a week.. and says it was lookin like it could thunder!!! waaaaa...i MISS NY WEATHER!!

Doreen said...

What a wonderful fair...i think it's one we will have to try and go to next year..such great things...I love the butter sculpture and I agree..the monkey jockey is very wrong..i wouldn't have been able to watch it either.

Your daughters are beautiful Wendy! Looks like you all had a great time! Wine slushies...YUM...they don't have those are our county fair!

Take care,

Rachael Kinnison said...

THANKS for taking me to the fair Wendy! HOw much do I owe you??? LOL~ I got pooped just reading & looking at all the pictures! WHEW!