Monday, August 18, 2008

Vintage Goodies !!

WOW...what a weekend! I have to share with you all the great vintage goodies I found while antique shopping at the big antique show this past weekend.

This show is never disappointing to me....I always find lots of vintage supplies to include in my art as well as a few pieces to add to my private collections. This year I seemed to find lots of vintage trims, laces and vintage clothing....just look at this victorian top, bonnet & dress (above)! (below) And the candy stripe vintage trim..perfect for xmas....the cute polka dot scalloped edge lace one is pink and the other is blue....the loads of victorian lace & trims...buttons & military pins.....this tiny bisque dolly (stays in my collection)...vintage yo-yo's....old clock piece and flower......Be on the lookout for all these goodies to appear in my future pieces!

I found these wonderfully small vintage cases....I LOVE cases and to find them this small is sure a treat. And the small 8" composition Patsy doll...what a find. She was in a plastic bag...because her stringing fell apart....I brought her home and restrung her (the head was tricky though).....altered a tiny pink striped dress I found and ....well....she is just adorable! She stays in my dolly collection :)

More vintage clothing....I can't wait to get started on using them :)

Found some vintage toys and textiles too! And look at the vintage crepe paper party cup favors in old pale pastel colors.
Because this antique show always falls on or before my birthday......I always treat myself to a birthday gift....there is a little story behind this ......I unexpectedly stopped inside this tent because it was raining so hard people were just running for open tents to stand under until the rain had let up.....well, I normally would have passed by this tent because it was cases and cases of vintage turquoise and sterling jewelry. While standing under the tent to stay dry....I was just browsing through the cases with masses amount of rings not really paying much attention until....BAM...I spotted this ring.....asked the man if I could try it on.....and it just fit PERFECTLY! It was meant to for this years birthday present I found this gorgeous 'mother of pearl' sterling silver ring.....I adore it! And I was able to get him down to 50% off of the asking price too :) Needless to say I was thrilled ! And this great vintage chippy painted clock case...this is going to make for a great display cabinet for a bear or something....hmmmm you'll just have to keep an eye out to see what I end up doing with it :)

(below) And I also found some great metal pieces with this gorgeous old wedding photo...and this purse...OMG it's really nice....I was thinking of a great bear vingette piece using that....hmmm seomthing else you will just have to keep an eye out for ..tee hee.....

Don't ya just love the creams, blacks and old metals together!

Well, I had better get my fanny back in gear and get making some art with all these new-found goodies just waiting to be reborn!!!!


Kim said...

OMG Wendy, you found a goldmine! I sure wish I could have gone with you. You must have been like a kid in a candy store. Great finds!

Miss.Maddie's said...

It is always wonderful to see what an artist starts out with, add imagination and creativity and alas the finished piece.
I shall return to see the outcome!

Draffin Bears said...

What a lot of lovely treasures you
came home with.

That was neat that you found a ring
for your birthday present.
Happy birthday.


Nancy said...

Wow...don't you just love it when you find such treasures?!

Happy Birthday! The ring is gorgeous. A wonderful present!

Beautiful pieces, Wendy...Enjoy!

Hugs, Nancy

Kelly said...

Wow, what a wonderful haul of treasures! Cute blog, I will have to add ya to my blog list!

SweetAnnee said...

You hit the motherload..I'm so jealous!! I love it all..deena