Friday, May 23, 2008

My Finished Rooms

( Here is a view of my dining area standing in the kitchen.)

Well, I finally had a chance to take some pictures of my house after the floors & trim have been installed, everything dragged back out and cleaned. AHHHHH I just love hardwood floors! I'm so happy with how the whole remodel turned out.

Yet another PROJECT to show you..... we (my husband) made our kitchen island bar counter top with the leftover floor came out MARVELOUS!

My neighbor gave us this awesome 1930's kitchen counter cabinet (below). They have those really cool chrome & red handles. It has a couple of potato bins, a bread box, another metal drawer, 2 big utensil drawers and sections for your cookie sheets!! How brilliant that even back in the 30's they came up with all that storage like the new kitchens have today. And along side that is a trash bin that my dad made me. My dad used to make country style furniture about 10 years ago but since has retired...I'm so honored to have a few of his pieces in my house.

I just realized after looking at my pictures that I am one of those "trash to treasure" gals and that most of my things are either old & recycled or handmade by me & my husband or by a wonderful artist! All my 'fishtail' curtains were made by me. The brackets that hold them up were made by my husband...I gave him those old metal architectual stars and asked him to mount them on new curtain brackets and take off the original ones....he did and how fantastic. I got a star theme going on in my rooms and I never realized it until I looked around.

You gotta just love Pack Rats! Geesh, right down to my collection of old tins displayed on my back wall (up high in the back). Just think of all our ancestors that saved every little thing and never threw anything in the trash.....unlike today. The packaging was so pretty and durable that once your product was used, you could then find another use for the would never throw it out. I also have an old candlestick telephone and vintage tell me how many of you have an old dial phone sitting in your closets or attics.....see, I threw mine out before I realized I should have kept it. --- it's a collectible now :)

The quilt rack was made by my dad so was the entertainment husband and I just painted it black and stain ....LOVE IT!!
Here I am standing on a kitchen stool trying to get a birds eye view of my little home!

Stairs to the finished basement.....we just painted the railings white and stained the rails..looks marvy. When we built the wall at the bottom of the stairs (cuz there is a door around the keep the cold from coming up the stairs in the winter)... I told my husband that it would be tooooooo dark if we just had a solid wall (like looking down into a black hole) so I said, "can you incorporate an old 6-pane window sash in the wall so that light will come through??) and wa la... People come over and think I'm nuts! All this old recycled stuff I find new uses for....tee hee..... I even had him put 2 old wooden shutters on the inside of the back picture window!!! I love that look. I would have done more like that but the rest of the windows won't allow for the space......
Well thank you for taking the time to visit at my open house.... I'll have more fun and trash to treasure projects to show you soon.....ppsssssttt ..hubby is working on one right now!


Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

How beautiful your home is, Wendy! So light and airy, and I love that you've recycled so much. Great job!


Lana said...

Wendy it's all so beautiful!!! I'm a trash to treasure gal so I do appreciate all you have done. Can't wait to see what's next!

Bluejean Primitives said...

I want to come live at Wendy's house!!!!!

Just wow!

Anonymous said...

OOOH, when do I get to come to dinner??? Looks so wonderful!! AND Wendy that Pug dolly is to die for... Hugs, MO

vivian said...

what a gorgeous home you have! I love hardwood floors. We have them in our house too, but our house is over 100 years old and the floors would love to be sanded and refinished! someday!
in anycase, I love seeing others homes! You should show your craft room or studio!
have a sweet weekend!

Suzanne said...

Wow Wendy! You and your husband are a great team! Your "recycled" new/old home is beautiful! We love bringing old things to life again too. Oh, and I LOVE your bath vanity too!

Nancy said...

Oh have such a charming, and oh so lovely home. You and hubby have done a wonderful job! Your home looks like it is filled with a lot of love.

Have a great long weekend!
Hugs, Nancy

T.F.C. Folk Art said...

Wendy~~Your home is wonderful!! I loved looking at all your of pictures. It's so fun taking something old and turning it into a new treasure isn't it?

Rachael Kinnison said...

It turned out beautiful Wendy~ just beautiful. Now take a break and sit for a while and enjoy! I see that little elly~font there on the table! SOOOOOOOOOOOO adoreable they are

Michelle said...

I LOVE your floor and your home! It is so comfy and cozy. I would love to drive over for some cake and coffee!!!! Where are all your bears? Do you keep any?

Big Hugs,

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