Friday, March 28, 2008

Things I Collect....Part I

I thought I would share with you some of the things I love to collect. Just about everybody collects something or another. Mine happens to be really old looking things. My family & friends really don't get WHY I collect old stuff. Things they throw away or store in an attic because they have no interest in it.....THOSE are the things I most like to collect.

These are just a few things I have surrounding me in my studio. I will try to go through my house and put all my collections together over the next couple weeks. Although my house is a total disaster as we are FINALLY putting in hardwood floors....I'll blog about that another time.

My favorite things I collect are vintage shoes, doll trunks, luggage, quilts, tins, xmas ornaments, toys, dolls & name just a few.... :)

I think I may actually have about 15 pairs of old vintage childrens shoes & a couple pairs of old womens shoes .... I will try to gather them up and show you. What I would really like is an old glass front cabinet to display them all in.....hmmmmm I think another project is necessary...I still have a few old vintage windows that I could use as the doors.

I love the old mercury garland balls and old christmas ornaments. I also use them on my bears.

One of my vintage log cabin quilts that hangs on the wall above my metal cutting/work table. I like to collect the black color quilts. I have 3 black log cabin quilts and lots of other vintage quilts that I will have to show you next time. Oh, and you can see a couple of my old tins there. I actually use those tins....I store old lace and trims for using on my bears.

Happy Collecting!


Nancy said...

Guilty! I collect as started out years ago with quilting books and has progressed from to see the shoes. Suitcases and tins are great, aren't they? I store things in mine too. Love it all Wendy...can't wait to see more.

Hugs, Nancy

Ginie-Lee said...

Hi Wendy, I collect old stuff as well , I love the fact that an object can have so much history within it! I have a collection of old tins , brooches and bags . I'm lucky to have a father who has collected stuff all his life and he regularly brings me unusual presents and they're always vintage.I was thinking of blogging about some of my favourites that he has given me. Love the shoes by the way!!! Love the blog also!
Hugs, Ginie-Lee

pussman said...

waw, what a collection!
I have 2 antique crazy quilts. they are beautiful but I do not display them because they are to fragile.
I think I will sell them. The only problem is I do not know where to sell them
Maybe at an auction in Antwerp.Bye good luck with your display closet!
I love the shoes and the woman shoes are lovely, I would like it that they made shoes like that now!

oldflowers4me said...

more more-ive fallen of my chair- i want to come and play at your house. singing and skipping love jo.