Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vintage Halloween Inspiration!

Remember those old vintage halloween costumes we got to wear when we were kids?
You know, the masks that were made of old heavy paper or cardboard that had holes punched out for your eyes and little holes at the nostrils so you could breathe. Yea right! The holes never seemed to line up with your own eyes. You would always be peeking out of one hole cuz the other one was like, lined up at your ear! And lets not forget about those nostril holes..... not to mention those little slits at the mouth, whutz up with that? You just kept trying to stick your tongue thru it! Then those lovely rubberbands stapled to the mask so you could keep it on? Mine would always snap before the end of the night! awwww the good ole days........ although I suppose some of you are to young to remember those "olden days" (as my kids call it)....hahaha
Well, that was my inspiration for my lastest bear I just finished up in the studio. I gave him a really cool vintage halloween cardboard mask, even has the rubberband to keep it on! I made my version of a vintage candy container so he could sit inside or use it to collect his candy while trick or treating!

He is on ebay now in case you wanted to see more details. Brings back some old childhood memories, doesn't he?


Suzanne said...

He is adorable Wendy! What a cute idea, wonderful as always.

Lorraine said...

I just love him, Wendy!! You always come up with the neatest ideas!!
I remember those boxed costumes with the plastic masks..LOL!!

Dana said...

Oh Wendy ... he is JUST DARLING!!! I do remember those costumes. How FUN! I went one year as Tom from the old cartoon Tom & Jerry. And golly, do I remember sweating under that mask, too. Although, I think my mask was plastic. ;o) FUN MEMORIES!!!

Hope all is well with you ... love your work!!!


Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

What a face behind that him!!


Annie said...

A true artist. Offer lessons!!!!!

Aleta said...

Those weren't olden days.....those were golden days!!! Shiny, glorious golden days!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta