Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Time Off

Ahhhh, just got back from a long weekend. We had a softball tournament near Cedar Point Amusement park in the great state of Ohio. So all the families from the team made it a mini vacation. And everybody had lots of fun! For 2 days the girls played ball but unfortunately they were not able to finish the tournament because of all the rain on Sunday....flooded the fields. Oh well, there is always next year to see who the real champions will be. But all was not a washout...we did go site seeing and hit the famous roller coaster capitol - Cedar Point ! And wow did we have a blast! While site seeing we came across this really cool farm with, of course, horses! And this great painted barn......what beautiful countryside!

A cool roller coaster that you stood up while going around! I couldn't go on this one...too much upside down stuff...... my family is actually the people in the 2nd to last row. I could only go on a couple of the fast rides and then my stomach said ENOUGH!

This one I could go on. The old wooden roller coasters! Got a shot of us going up the first big daugther and some of the girls on the softball team!

My lunch buddy....this daffy little bird was not afraid of people! He just sat a foot away from me waiting to see if I would give him something to eat!

That is me & my daughter (the ones caught under the waterfall) we were trying to escape but it got us!!! YES we got SOAKED by the end of that ride!!!!

My older daughter & younger daughter having fun feeding the babies!

There they are, getting soaked AGAIN! This was right after they "landed" with that HUGE splash of water!! Too funny :)


Mica Garbarino said...

Yah Hoo !!! Fun!!!! your dolly is on her way. Had a bad week last week and well. I guess I am just a flakey Artist. Let me know when you get her. And thanks again sooo much. I hope to afford an Elly one day.


Lorraine said...

OOoh...I wanna go to Cedar Point! Looks like you had a blast!!:o)