Friday, June 22, 2007

Old Shabby Chic Pieces

I'm really liking the old shabby chic style with the chippy white paint mixed with the old pale pinks! Thought I would share a little preview of what I have been working on for a shop order. Here are just a couple new pieces I just finished. An old pink Wabbit and a old pink Panda bear (an old pink Ellyfont was to shy to get in the picture!).
These and more, will be shipped off to Collins Gift Shop in NH. In case you might fancy owning one of the pink shabbys, check my website for the shop details.


Suzanne said...

How Sweet Wendy~ I love that little hat on the bear.

Sam I Am said...

yummmmm i just wanna lick them!!! lol
too sweet...wish i was the lucky shop owner who gets to display them :)

Christine said...

oh what sweet sweet little darlin's...I really enjoyed my visit to your blog & website.
Your little bears & animals wendy, and your little elephant is just precious,too.
Thank you so much for such lovely compliments about my treasures, they are of course,just about worn to a frazzle, but that makes them even more dear to me. I can see you are a girl after my own heart.

Lorraine said...

They are wonderful!!! Love them!!

Pfatt Group said...

Ohhh. Thay are sooo sweet. If only.... Sigh!!!


Sylvia Anderson said...

Loving the shabby colors and creations Wendy!!! They're magnificent!